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This is more about TJC than me — you’ll never know me

This isn’t me, but I love her (Photo:under licence from Shutterstock)

He was 24 & I was 18 (and so ready)

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What is Sexpressions?

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Have a look for yourself!

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  • His goal is to find an affair partner
  • My promise was to stick with him until he has sex with her

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  1. Title and Subtitle. Have both, each in their proper case. Title Case is mostly all caps, and Subtitle Case is written in Sentence Case (like a sentence), however we’ll accept trailing punctuation as…

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A relationship coach specializing in adultery, romance, and self

Marie Murphy, Ph. D. joins The Scarlett Letter from San Franciso (Photo: Marie Murphy).

This IS NOT A 14 MINUTE READ if you just read my comments!

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Teresa J Conway

Wife, mother, HR Specialist, and mature adulteress. Writes for The Scarlet Letter and is the author of How to Cheat — Field Notes from an Adulteress.

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