Six ChatGPT 3.5 Prompts that Replace a Writing Team — Inspired by AI Guy Thomas Smith

Last week Thomas wrote a story about his AutoGPT 4 writing process — I replicated it

Teresa J Conway 🧚🏻‍♀️


A person working on a laptop creating content
The prompt for this image was suggested by AI from my 4th prompt (Image: Author, created on DALL-E using the prompt — A person working on a laptop creating content — suggested by another prompt you’ll see below).

This one is going to be a little mind-bending, so buckle up. I am writing about the ai writing prompts I built, based on a story about ai writing prompts I read, using the ai writing prompts I wrote, to write part of the story you are now reading. I will clarify where the ai wrote something so you can keep track. [Grammarly asked me to clarify this paragraph — I can’t, so you’ll have to keep reading].

AI is fascinating, and I’ve been fangirling over it for a long time, even though it was sort of useless until last Fall.

This story is about how I developed the prompts to build my writing team, after I read Thomas Smith’s story last week about his fully automated writing team. His ai process writes and then spins a draft article through a professional writing team on its own in a few minutes, based on a few words of input. It costs him $1 to do what it would cost a writing team to do for hundreds or thousands if you had one.

Here is his story —

I don’t have access to the AutoGPT and GPT4 he does, so I built my prompts based on the steps he described. Now I can build a solid draft and run it through an ai writing team in five(ish) minutes.

Note to writers — Go ahead and use my prompts, but remember, AI won’t make your work more interesting if you can’t do that on your own. All ai will do is help you make uninteresting work faster.

This story is about my prompts (the full list is below) and, as I wrote above, I will show you what my prompts can write. It will take me longer to format it for Medium and explain what I did than it took ai to write the draft I’m using as an example.

In his story, Thomas outlined how a writing team working together would process a piece in these stages: