I disagree. I just watched the scene. His position up to that point was he couldn’t, not wouldn’t have children. In having sex in ‘that scene’ he orgasmed inside her, knowing it was no doubt coming. He had, up to that point put himself in a position to withdraw, unbeknownst to his wife. He would have know the this would be difficult in the female superior position.

She may have suspected he was avoiding her once she know the mechanism of pregnancy, but that doesn’t change the fact he stated he ‘couldn’t’ have children.

He made no move to change positions clearly knowing what would happen, and made no move to change positions when the orgasm was imminent. In fact, he made no move at all until his orgasm was over, despite knowing a withdraw would be impossible from that position.

There was no rape. He lied and withheld information, and allowed the orgasm to occur. To say it was a rape is sensationalist and worse, does a disservice to those men who have been raped.

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Addition on 20210105: I elaborate on this comment here — https://teresa-j-conway.medium.com/on-bridgerton-and-consent-boy-my-comment-sure-struck-a-nerve-927788d6af88

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